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Tutor’s Name: Tony Khoo
Years of Experience: 6

– Postgraduate Diploma in Education (With Merit)
–  Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering (With Honours, NUS)
–  A-Level (Maths A, Physics A, Biology A) (see transcript)
–  O-Level (E-Maths A1, A-Maths A1, Pure Physics A1, Pure Chemistry A1, Biology A1, Humanities A1) (see transcript)
–  PSLE (Maths A*, English A, Chinese A Science A) (see transcript)
Location Preferred: Northwest (Yew Tee/CCK/Bt Batok)
Tutoring Levels & Subjects:
–  Primary 5-6 Maths & Science
–  Lower Secondary Maths & Science
–  Upper Secondary Maths & Science

Recipient of Multiple Scholarship Awards  (See Scholarship awards)-  For his testimonials, please see below. To engage Tony for his home/group tuition services, please follow this link Educationwerkz


Testimonials for PastYearPaper.com

Charlie is a very good maths tutor.he is very patient and understanding towards me.Sometimes he will teach me more than maths, such as explaining science and shows videos about science facts.
(Christopher Soh, Fairfield Methodist Primary School 2013)
As a tutor, I would say that Past year paper has a lot of free and useful teaching materials that I have been using for my coaching purpose. Thank you.
(Huiying, Part-time tutor National University of Singapore 2013)
My concept for science was poor and i had zero interest in studying for this subject before i have this tuition. I have to thank tutor tony for his patience in helping me to understand the concept and improving my result. 
(Trygve, Choa Chu Kang Secondary School 2013)

Other Testimonials (For Featured Tutor)

  • 2017, Jann’s mum was pleased with her daughter’s improvement in Science result from F9 to B3 and decided to continue lesson in 2018.

Jann mum


  • 2017 Irfan’s mum relay her son’s extreme satisfaction and understanding in the lesson taught by Mr. Khoo.

irfan 2017

  • 2016 form class student’s written letter to teacher. Students understood that rationale of teacher’s firm teaching

elisya testimonial


dz photo 2016

  • 2016 form class. Collage of students’ perceptive of the teacher

 2016 form class 1 2016 form class 22016 form class 3dz form class 4


  • 2016 Secondary 1 (Express) student – Science result improved from failed to ~63/100 marks. Mother sought to continue tuition lessons

shaun mum 2016

  • 2016 Secondary 4 (NA) students- N level prelim percentile ranking (known as norm reference interpretation) improved from 30% to above 60% of the cohort. Student was engaged in 2015 for combined science

max mum 2016


  • 2015 Secondary 4 (Express)  student – O Level Prelim A2 for Pure Physics and B3 for Pure Chemistry (Improved from C5 for chemistry and C6 for physics)

Student was first engaged in 2014 for chemistry

sanath dad 2015 1

Pleased with chemistry result, the student’s father asked for help in physics in 2015

sanath 2015 2

Prelim Results

sanath 2015 3

O Level results

sanath o level 2015

  • 2015 Secondary 3 (NA)  student – Prelim C6 for combined science (was failing badly both sciences when his mother contacted me. in late July. I am still engaging the student for this year N level)

max 2015

max mum 2015


  • 2015 Secondary 1 (NA)  student – Prelim A2 for Maths and C6 for combined science (significant improvement in Maths and good improvement in science. I am still engaging the student for this year Sec 2 streaming)

lyiam 2015

lyiam mum 2015

  • 2014 Secondary 4 (Express)  student – O Level Prelim A2 for Physics and B3 for Chemical (Improved from C5 for both subjects)

Testimonial for Tony #1

Testimonial for Tony #2

  • 2014 Secondary 2 Express Student – Exceptionally well enough (A for Science) to qualify for upper secondary Triple Science combination

Testimonial for Tony #3

Testimonial for Tony #4

Testimonial for Tony #5

  • 2013 Secondary 4 (NA) student – N-Level A1 and A2 for E-Mathematics and Combined Science respectively.Under MOE’s new Polytechnic Foundation Program, his raw ELMAB score of 9 enabled him to be enrolled into Polytechnic directly (bypassing O-Level)

Testimonial for Tony #6

  • 2013 Secondary 2 (NA) student showing a significant improvement from 40/100 in Science SA1 to 66/100 in SA2 (cumulative score of 60/100) within a short span of 3 months being tutored by meWhile many would expect better grade out of tuition, I on the other hand see this as a motivation to work even harder. The improvement in his grade is a clear indication of him having more interest in the subject and  that he is capable of more. (I am currently tutoring him and elder sibiling)

Testimonial for Tony #7


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