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Past Year Paper motto

Past Year Paper is Singapore most established home tuition agency and education portal. With the large number of tutors and students whom signed up with us, you can be sure that your tuition request will be perfectly matched. Past Year Paper boldly says this as it has been in this industry for 6 years and its core group of tutors has helped countless number of students to achieve remarkable results. Past Year Paper understands the importance of a small teacher to student ratio and has since launched itself online with the aim to engage more students into this type of effective learning, private tuition. We vet through our tutors’ qualifications to ensure only suitable candidates are enrolled into the system and arrange tuition only based on mutual agreement (between our parent and tutor). Our client information are also kept confidential and we do not use them to solicited for other purposes. To assist applicants through the enrollment process, we have also provided some useful information below.

How Our Agency Service Works (5 simple steps)

Step Requesting for a Home Tutor (For Parents/students) Registering as a Home Tutor (For Tutors)
1  application lock Parents fill in the request forms stating the expectations of the tuition Interested individual fill in the tutor registration form as accurate as possible
2  photo search Our coordinators proceed to filter out tutors based on parent’s requirements Our coordinators proceed to filter out assignments based on tutor’s requirements
3  notes lock Parents are given the list of shortlisted tutors to choose their one preferred tutor Tutor express interest for a particular assignment and his/her profile will be forwarded
4  accept Home tuition will take place based on mutually agreed date, time and location etc Home tuition will take place based on mutually agreed date, time and location etc
5  salary Agency fee levied on tutor will be collected after the second week of lesson Tutor collects half month salary at the end of 4 weeks

Agency Fee: For any successful coordinated home tuition, a 50% one-off agency fee will be levied on tutor‘s 1st month’s salary. Parents (or students) are not charge for our services  provided.

Tuition Rate: The table below illustrates the hourly tuition rate (in SGD) based on tutor’s qualifications. However actual fee may vary accordingly to tutor’s experience, location accessibility, number of subjects to be taught and so on. Quotes in the table should only be used as a reference only.

Study Level
Full Time / Graduates
NIE Trainee
School Teachers
PhD / Lecturers
Primary 1 to 3$20- $30$25 - $35$35 - $60$35 - $70-
Primary 4 to 5$20 - $35$25- $40$40 - $70$45 - $80-
Primary 6$25 - $35$30 - $40$40 - $70$50 -$90-
Secondary 1 and 2$25 - $45$35 - $50$50 - $80$60 - $100-
Secondary 3$30 - $45$40 - $55$50 - $80$65 - $110-
Secondary 4 to 5$30 - $50$40 - $55$55 - $85$70 - $120-
A level / Diploma$40 - $60$45 - $65$70 - $100$80 - $130$100-140
University-$50 - $70$80 - $120$100 - $150$120- $170

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