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About PastYearPaper.com

About PastYearPaper.com

Past Year Paper is both an established Singapore-based tuition agency that provides excellent home tuition services to clients and an online platform which offers free exam resources to everyone. With a database featuring numerous tutors, clients are able to access tutors’ profiles and qualification to make sound decision on the tutors to be engaged. We also believe with more users and around the clock administrators writing solutions to exam papers, our exam paper bank is growing exponentially, keeping up with the needs of students.

Core Services

Past Year Paper provides a comprehensive range of home tutoring services such as

1) Academic level –  Pre-School/Primary/Secondary/Junior College/Integrated Programme/Polytechnic subjects
2) Non-Academic level –  Music (Piano, Violin, Guitar, Drum, Clarinet, Flute)

with tutors coming from various qualification backgrounds such as

1) A level/Diploma holders
2) Bachelor Degree/Masters/PhD graduates
3) National Institute of Education (NIE) teachers/ex-school teachers

Our agency services are free-of-charge for clients (parents/students)as they are only required to pay for the lessons received.

Our Core Values

We strongly value the importance of quality education. This is why Past Year Paper is the only educational platform in Singapore that goes the extra mile to consolidate and distribute neatly free exam resources to all.

Overall, we aim to provide

–  Quality,responsible and passionate tutors whom will be able to inspire, motivate and bring the proactive learning personality out of every students
–  Free and updated exam resources to the public

Small group maths and science tuition

Small group and 1 to 1 secondary school Maths and Science tuition. Taught by current MOE teacher. Former Edusave Scholarship Recipient

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